Is California’s AB 5 Going to Affect Shipping Long Term?

California’s Assembly Bill No. 5 – better known as AB 5 – originally prompted to provide protections for gig employees faced challenges immediately after its passing in 2020. Following a lengthy court challenge and appeal that was struck down, it is now widely interpreted to also apply to California’s independent owner-operator drivers. With its hasty…

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Don’t Make These Common Mistakes When Shipping Medical Equipment in Winter

The medical field has strict protocols for the handling and use of medical equipment. But many shippers and carriers fail to recognize this special handling must extend to shipping and storage as well. These devices are simply more fragile in nature and require special consideration to make sure they complete the trip, remaining fully operational and…

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truck driver shortage in the u.s.

Is There a Solution to the Truck Driver Shortage?

The Covid-19 pandemic brought the national global supply chain front and center in everyone’s lives and it hasn’t left since. Major shifts in buyer behavior, the readiness and availability of goods, as well as rapidly changing product demands created a vastly different picture than was present even a few years ago.  Now, the transportation industry…

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