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Becoming an Expert at Oversized and Over Dimensional Freight

Expertly navigating the logistics of moving oversized loads from state to state and coast to coast requires a special skill and unique mind. Our in-house expert, Mary Busby, has spent a lifetime cultivating just those things. She will tell you that masterminding the transportation logistics of over-dimensional freight and oversized loads is in her blood.…

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Guide to Packing Perfect Palletized Freight Every Time

Packing freight requires specific steps. It’s the foundation for all successful freight shipments. And when it isn’t done right, shipments can face damage, delay, or even unexpected fees. So how can you help avoid issues and ensure smooth shipment? We wrote this step-by-step freight packing guide so you can find all the answers to properly…

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What Unexpected Business Costs Can Be Avoided with Expedited Shipping?

We know expedited shipping has a lot of benefits. All those benefits often bring up the question of cost. In the past, expedited shipping generally worked out to be cost-prohibitive for any but the most time-sensitive shipments. Today, expedited services provide a balance to supply chains that require speed and cost-effective solutions to their logistics…

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What to Expect When You Use Expedited Shipping

Expedited shipping means exactly what it sounds like – faster transport of your shipments. But what does that faster transport actually entail? How is it going to look different from standard freight shipping methods?   As with all our other services, when it comes to your expedited shipping needs and time-critical supply chain challenges, Pride Logistics…

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Why These 5 Major Industries Benefit from Expedited Shipping Services

Expedited shipping logistic solutions are becoming more ‘normal’ fixtures in a growing number of industries. For many, traditional freight delivery times aren’t cutting it anymore for their business and customer needs. In a global market that’s constantly responding and adapting to fluctuating supply and demand, there are a few major industries that have seen expedited…

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