what infrastructure bill means trucking and logistics

What the Infrastructure Bill Means for Trucking and Logistics

Earlier in November, President Biden signed into law the largest spending bill in U.S. history that is aimed at transportation infrastructure, including improvements to ports, bridges, and roadways. The bill earmarks the spending of $1.2 trillion over the course of 10 years to tackle these many issues and create more than 700,000 jobs, with more…

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most dangerous highways for truckers

5 Most Dangerous U.S. Highway Stretches for Truckers

The majority of professional truck drivers get through their entire careers without ever being involved in major accidents despite truck driving being one of the riskiest jobs in the United States. Although drivers are skilled in transporting loads using specialized equipment, and are safety conscious, road design is out of a driver’s control. And when…

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beat rising freight costs in 2021

How to Beat Rising Freight Costs in 2021

Pandemic-era restrictions have been lightening and we’re getting a clearer picture of short-term and long-term impact. While long shipping wait times were universally experienced by companies worldwide and are continuing, consumer demand is picking up. In the current market, that means production and distribution costs are rising right along with that increased demand.   Since…

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aerodynamic truck sustainability

How the Freight Industry Is Becoming More Sustainable

From major trucking companies to small independent shippers, operators in the freight industry are taking steps to reduce their emissions. The transportation industry as a whole accounts for 28% of emissions in the United States, with trucks making up 23% of that. But the global automotive industry has been shifting towards eco-friendly solutions for years,…

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