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Consumer and business expectations for fast, flexible and reliable shipments keep getting higher. The good news for shippers is that fulfilling these expectations doesn’t have to make life harder. When getting a shipment to its destination quickly is a priority, expedited shipping delivers on time-sensitive handling with a load of other benefits rolled in.

Pride Logistics facilitates a range of expedited shipping options, and in this post, we’ll take a look at the most common benefits to using expedited shipping and how shippers can get the most out of using expedited shipping methods.

The Benefits of Expedited Shipping

Expedited trucking services most often fall into using vans, straight trucks, and hot shots. A hot shot looks like a heavy-duty pickup towing trailers or flatbeds. While these transport options cover just about any shipment type you can imagine, there are specific reasons why using these for expedited services will benefit your supply chain.

Dedicated Door-to-Door Service
Vehicles are dedicated to your shipment from point A to point B. This point is especially important when the shipment is urgent or time-critical.

Shorter Transit Times
With dedicated vehicles, there are no logistics that require waiting at hubs to build full truckloads or traveling a less direct route to your destination because multiple shipments on one vehicle requires out-of-the-way stops.

24/7 Monitoring & Security
It’s like a personal security system for your shipment. Dedicated vehicles also means dedicated drivers and a team monitoring your shipment at all times. And for Pride Logistics, that means TSA-approved drivers that meet the TSA security program requirements.

Agility & Flexibility
Large trucks must stick to approved routes that accommodate their size. Smaller vehicles used for expedited shipping don’t have the same constraints. Also, when major roads and highways are closed or inhibited, expedited shipping services can quickly adjust to a new route.

Fast Response Time
Getting a quick availability response time and quote are trademarks of how Pride Logistics operates, but it’s especially true with expedited shipping services. These options aren’t subject to the same logistics challenges as LTL shipments, so dispatch can be swift.

Less Handling of Your Shipment
When your shipment stays on the same vehicle the entire time, there’s no unloading and reloading of freight as it moves between trucks. This greatly lowers the risk of damage to your shipment.


Get the Most Out of Expedited Shipping

Convenience and dependability of expedited shipping are big draws for this service option. But as with all logistic options, you want to be sure you’re contracting equipment that is suitable for your freight and your shipment needs. If your shipment needs to travel through tight city streets, the popular sprinter van provides the ease of navigating tight spaces and congested traffic. If you’ve got heavier items, the rolling rear doors of a straight box truck make it easier to load and unload.

Whatever you need to transport by expedited shipping, partnering with a carrier who cares about your shipment from first phone call all the way to safe delivery is always your best bet. At Pride Logistics, we’re always ready to treat your shipment as though it’s our own. Get in touch with our team of expedited shipping experts and experience the Pride Logistics difference!